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tourism marketing  brochure Travel and Tourism Publishing, Marketing and Booking Platform
AXSES Travel Network provides Travel Publishing, Marketing and Advertising for hundreds of tourism clients. We publish to magazines, like, to ezines, web articles and many online resources and offline publications. We are networking with some of the leading authorities in travel and we own many niche marketing sites like,,,, and, to name just a few. We build tourism marketing and e-commerce technology for social media travel marketing, mobile travel marketing and online tourism marketing of all kinds.

This dynamic marketing network is powered by our own unique product:

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arcRes is a unique marketing solution for hotels, activities and destinations.

Publish your Travel products (hotels, room, activities, specials, packages)
to hundreds of travel portals and social sites.

Make your Facebook page a Travel Marketing Platform.

Publish your website to Smartphones Bookings Platform.

Free Booking Widgets with any arcRes Bookings Product.


arcres brochure

strategic tourism marketing platform
arcRes brochure - global distribution and travel publishing

tourism and travel marketing features AXSES arcRes Travel Platform Features
arcRes travel platform table of contents AXSES arcRes is a powerful travel marketing platform
It can be used for hotels, villas, condos, apartments, car rentals, tourism activities and destinations.

arcRes is also a booking engine and a central reservation system. The booking engine comes with easy-to-install travel booking & shopping widgets for any website. The central reservation system can be a simple widget or a full destination website.

arcRes is a travel publishing system
Rates, specials, packages and destination content in arcRes can be published to channels such as mobile phones, social media and travel portals. Special promotions may be sent directly to travellers via email, RSS and special purpose applications developed by AXSES.
arcRes helps you to organise, manage and market your travel business.

arcRes delivers Direct Business and builds Sustainable Brands

travel shopping and brand integretyFor hotels, tourism operators and destinations, building brands is the key to marketing. Many are turning to Online Travel Agents (OTA), like Expedia, to fill rooms, but this comes at an enormous cost to brand loyalty and brand integrity. arcRes offers a direct alternative. Its focus is direct travel business and direct hotel and tourism bookings, in balance with strong distribution. See more about brand intergrity at


Advertise your Vacation Specials and Packages on Smartphone, Facebook and 100's of Sites
hotel market and special promotions

arcRes will publish your travel deals, specials and packages to Smartphones, Facebook, Social Media, Google-Shopping and hundreds of travel sites. Only 25$ per month for global advertsing

tourism and travel advertising management Advertising, Publishing, Marketing for Direct Travel Bookings

media kit - travel advertsing rates

Advertising is the number 1 travel market and everyone is a potential advertiser. Everything you do on the Internet is an advertisement for your product, your website and your brand. In the past, the booking engine simply dished up the product. Now, with arcRes, bookings technology is being integrated into promotional media, like advertisement, infomercials, location maps, banners, smartphones and all forms of publication.

arcRes Media Kit & Avertising/Publishing Rate Card:
Download | Low Res-3 MB | Online at Slideshare

Advertising & Publishing are Changing

The new travel advertising vehicle is not a simple banner or a text link; it is an application that combines advertising, shopping, marketing and bookings into a single process. It is a new form of smart ads for smartphones and smart sites, social media and Web 2.0 travel enterprise channels.

AXSES arcRes Travel Platform is essentially a new way to publish your website, brand and products.

AXSES Booking Widgets have been shown to increase bookings by 20%. Our custom-built widgets and applications for Facebook allow you to easily load your content, rates and booking options directly to your Facebook Pages.

With arcRes Travel Platform you can:
Create your own social pages. Create specials that are published by arcRes to thousands of sites via RSS. Be visible on Android Travel apps and the SmartphoneTraveller marketplace.

arcRes Travel Platform publishes Booking Widgets, Travel Applications and travel content to a huge social network of partner sites, affiliates, travel agents and Web 2.0 social media sites.

social medai and web2.0 marketing & management AXSES Travel Platform Web 2.0 Bookings/Shopping

arcres travel technology

Sites lenses hubs

AXSES Travel Platform builds you into the new Web 2.0 marketing.

We are building a travel presence on every applicable social media and Web 2.0 site. To be part of this, you need to subscribe to the arcRes Travel Platform.

In many cases, the arcRes bookings, travel application, RSS feeds and widgets are automatically included in many of these sites.

You may have your own custom applications (e.g.: Facebook).

website services associated services industry / Interests

Affiliate Website Hubs and Lenses
Squidoo, Hubpages, Wetpaint, Clearblogs, Twine, Upcoming, Folkd, Mixx, Spotback, Bukisa, Qondio

Ezine Article Directories
Zimbio (online mags), OpenZine Ezine articles, ArticlesBase, Buzzle, SearchWarp, BestEzine, ArticleAlley, GoArticles,, ArticleSet, Article Dashboard, Amazines, ArticleSnatch

Doc storage/Publishing
Scribd, DocStoc, Footnote, Podcast, Zoho

Wikispaces, Tumblr, Webjam, BUMPzee
Ziki, BlogoWogo, Quizilla, WordPress

video - music - photos
Clevver, Viddler, Flickr, Scrapblog, Piczo, Picasa, FotoFlexer, AmieSt, Slideshare,
(music streaming)
YouTube, Lala, Ilike, FineTune,, JamBase, Vimeo 8, Imeem

MisterPoll, Yelp 7

Kaboodle (youth), Etsy, OsoYou ShopWiki, Stylehive, ThisNext, Wishpot Wishes, Woot, Zebo, BeStuff

Tweetizen, Tagtooga, Blippr, Delicious, Stumbleupon, RedGage, Tagfoot




Zillow, Dwellicious

GAIA, PEERtrainer

Travel *
TripnTale, TripIt, TripAtlas, TripAdvisor, Tripology, Travel-Rants, EveryTrail, IgoUgo

* many are not fully open, but will allow comments, images, urls. TripAdvisor offers hotel options to set up a free page.

marketing advertsing management Travel Advertising Manager - arcAds Ads Technology

AXSES advertising management technology (acAds) provides detailed tracking and reporting on every click and cost performance for each ad, ad place, ad type and client on every arcAds-powered site.

Hotels and tourism suppliers (activities, car rentals, etc.) may advertise on an AXSES channel ad, get up-to-the-minute reports on the cost per click and effectiveness of their ads.

Destination sites and portals may use arcAds to easily create and place ads on their sites and provide their clients with dynamic reporting on every click. Ads can be created, published and managed on any site, from any browser.

Bookable-ads. By integrating AXSES arcAds advertising technology with arcRes Bookings and Travel Marketing, AXSES has made advertising a true shopping experience.

AXSES: a pioneer in integrating Advertising Technology with Bookings (

axses travel marketing About AXSES Travel Marketing

AXSES is a Travel Marketing company building marketing and management tools for travel suppliers and destinations. AXSES provides Interactive Marketing and Networking Solutions, including Mobile applications, Social Network Content and Social Media travel marketing applications like arcResBookings for Facebook (a Facebook travel reservations and booking engine).

AXSES Systems Caribbean Inc. owns,,,,, and over 30 Destination & Travel Marketing Websites. Since 1994, AXSES has developed hundreds of travel applications to help large Resort Hotels and the smaller Tourism operators market and manage their business.

AXSES Travel solutions include booking systems, marketing systems, advertising systems, knowledge-based expert systems and hundreds of travel components, integrated together as a Travel Platform. AXSES Travel Platform helps suppliers manage direct marketing, distribution, information, knowledge, communication and business.

AXSES websites provide direct marketing for tourism suppliers.

free marketing consultation Contacts

AXSES Travel Marketing -

AXSES SCI Tourism Development
PO Box 16b Baslen House, Kingston Terr.
St. Michael, BARBADOS BB11090
T (1) 246 429 2653 F (1) 246 436 5704
AXSES INC. Knowledge Engineering
211 Kennedy Rd
Boutiliers Point, NS, CANADA B3Z 1V5
T (1) 902 826 2440

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Advertise your Vacation Specials and Packages on Smartphone, Facebook and 100's of Sites
hotel market and special promotions

arcRes will publish your travel deals, specials and packages to Smartphones, Facebook, Social Media, Google-Shopping and hundreds of travel sites. Only 25$ per month for global advertsing

AXSES Tourism Marketing Platform
- Strategic Solutions for Direct Business & Global Travel Marketing

Direct Tourism Marketing, Travel Bookings and e-commerce for Hotels, Holiday Activities and Tourism Destinations. Free Trial: Promote your latest vacation specials on smartphones and hundreds of travel sites.