AXSES is the company that put Barbados on the net. We continue to market with top position on the net and world wide recognition for our travel shopping technology. see tourism meets technology

AXSES travel shopping experience offers the relevance and clarity of 'Google-like search', 'DoubleClick like advertising, tracking and reporting', 'RealHolidays like expert systems & dynamic packaging' and 'Expedia like travel pricing'.

This Next generation Travel Shopping Experience is a First of a Kind. It moves travel sites from primarily a display vehicle to a strategic branding, direct marketing, shopping and booking platform for hotels, car rental companies and travel providers. It provides integrated and targeted messaging opportunities, as well as the ability to deliver dynamic graphical ads (bookable-ads) and interactive shopping.

AXSES builds marketing and management tools for travel suppliers. Axses owns over 30 travel portals promoting direct sales to its hotel and tourism clients. AXSES supplier tools include Internet marketing portals, website tools like calendars, blogs, content management, guest tracking and travel planning, dynamic packaging, comparison shopping, reservations, bookings systems and social media applications.