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Why you need Mobile/ Smartphone Websites


The growth of Mobile is unlike anything we have known.

19.7 million US travellers use smartphones to search for travel in 2010
29.7 million US travellers expected to search using smartphones in 2012.
15.1 million US travellers expected to book on mobiles in 2012 *e-marketer 2011

In 5 years, Mobile will outpace the entire PC market for computing power, Internet access and innovation.

More people will surf the Net on Mobile devices than on PCs.

Your Guests will be using Smartphones and expecting you to provide service into the palm of their hand.

Mobile has greater reach: 4.8 billion vs. 1.7 billion Internet.

Mobile will create the ability to individually target more people than any other channel, according to Google.

5 times more Shopper Buys (convert) than on the Net.

Mobile will create the ability to individually target more people than any other channel, according to Google.

What we currently do for Web design and Service will not work in the future!

From this To this

In this worst-case scenario - the website will not display in the iPhone at all.

This website is using Flash which is not supported by Apple in iPhone website browsing.

The Smartphone Website is designed for mobile travellers - all pages fit neatly into the mobile Screen.

Buttons and links are large enough to be sensitive to a touch.

iPhone fails to display Flash website.
35% of websites use some from of Flash

The problem with a regular Website is that is cannot fit into the small screen of a Smartphone. This causes difficulty for users to navigate. Where the website uses Flash, it may not display at all on iPhone.

The experience that a Smartphone traveller wants is not the same as a desktop or laptop user.

Mobile users expect concise and to-the-point information, available at a touch. Touch is far more inaccurate that a mouse cursor and Smartphones need larger buttons and links that will respond to a touch.

Booking engines are particularly difficult on Smartphones where dates and party details are selected from menus that are intricate and small. They are hard to manage with finger tip control. In many cases, it is impractical.

Smartphone users are searching the web and 40% actually use the web to research travel. 25% say they have booked on a Smartphone, mostly using OTA systems like Expedia, which provide a mobile interface.

While mobile travellers continue to surf the net and look at websites, the experience is not simple and requires a fair amount of moving about unnecessary effort and frustration.

As more hotels and tourism suppliers offer better mobile solutions, those that do not will be a disadvantage.

AXSES Strategy, in a nutshell, allows hotels and tourism operators, car companies and activities to quickly have a very effective mobile presence at reasonable cost.

mobile bookings for hotels , car rentals and tourism operators

Mobile Smartphone Market to outpace PCs

  • Mobile is
    More Dynamic |
    More Personal | More Locally Aware |
    More Portable | More Connected | More Satisfying |More Human
    Mobile can see, hear, touch, talk and know where you are!

Google's Policy is now Mobile First. They develop for Mobile before they deploy desktop and laptop applications.

The Smartphone preeminently connected to cloud with voice, location, and eyes (camera) to give you unmatched power and flexibility. It changes the possibilities enormously.

Google demonstrated its new Translation System where a traveller in Germany snaps a menu with the Smartphone camera and the image is immediately translated. Try that with your desktop. This is only possible because of a massive network of cloud-based systems that are learning as they work. The network of cloud-computing uses 1000s of pieces of hardware and software that combine to solve problems like instant and accurate translation from picture.

The cloud is the Internet, with more than 700 million servers around the globe that can be integrated to work in tandem on problem. Now it can be in the palm of your hand.

The number of Mobile Web users will reach 95 million by 2013.
"There were 54.5 million mobile Internet users in the US at the time, representing 25% of online users. . . "


Mobile computing, particularly Smartphone computing in the form of Internet surfing and the use of website applications, e-commerce, bookings and guest services, will overtake the desktop in a few years.

The resources and development being put into Mobile Smartphone Web services, apps, devices and innovation already exceed that deployed for the desktop.

Smartphones will overtake all feature mobile phones by 2011.

All projections indicate that by 2011, 50% of all cell phones in the US will be smartphones.
The Mobile App Check study found over 60% of 18+-age cell phone owners now have a smartphone.

Hilton Hotels expects to book "well over" 100,000 room nights via mobile apps in 2010.
-USA Today, Oct 2010




featured hotel and tourism marketing app for smart mobiles

Eric Schmidt at Mobile World Congress

If you have not seen this, it is worth looking at. It's long but it's full of news and insights.

Mobile adoption is 8 times faster than the equivalent point 10 years ago.

More Google searches on mobile that desktop in emerging economies.

The notion of publish is exploding



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Mobile Smartphone Marketing by AXSES


AXSES Builds brands and direct sales.

Your Smartphone website generates direct sales and bookings. It is affordable starting at only $50 per month for licensing and hosting, with no setup fee.


In AXSES Smartphone marketing channels and applications including VacationSpecials and Deals, BookingsCaribbean, Adventure Travel and Themes Marketing both on mobiles and online; all Link are direct to Hotel and Tourism website.

Basic Mobile Page

arcRes Smartphone Publisher: Mobilize your Website, Bookings engine and Smartphone Travel Marketing
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Google reports that searches for travel-related terms on smartphones are 12 times more in 2010 over 2009;
hotel-specific terms are up 30 times in the same period.

August 2, 2010 Multipurpose Smartphones that allow users to access the web and email as well as run thousands of apps and share text and picture messages are now 25% of the U.S. mobile market, up from 23% in the last quarter according to recent data from The Nielsen Company. By the end of 2011, Nielsen predicts Smartphones to overtake feature phones in the U.S. market.

Smartphone stats * Nielsen report Smartphone sales accounting for 25% of the US mobile phone market in Q2 2010, and expect Smartphones to become the majority by the end of 2011.

According to figures for 2009 released by Gartner, Smartphones accounted for 172.4 million (14%) of the 1.211 billion mobile phones sold that year. That's 23.8% more Smartphone sales than in 2008.

The same company recently released Q1 2010 figures. Smartphones represented 54.3 million (17%) of the 314.7 million mobile phones sold, a sales increase of 49% over Q1 2009.

For the same time period, the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker puts Smartphone sales at 54.7 million, up some 57% over Q1 2009 and accounting for almost 19% of all mobile phones sold that quarter. The report notes that the Smartphone market is growing twice as fast as the broader mobile phone market.

* The Coda Research Consultancy predict global Smartphone sales of some 2.5 billion over the 2010-2015 period, and also suggest that mobile Internet use via Smartphones will increase 50 fold by the end of that period.

* Morgan Stanley Research estimates sales of Smartphones will exceed those of PCs in 2012.

* Gartner expects over 500 million Smartphones to sell in 2012. Smartphone market shares and operating systems Gartner's analysis of Q1 2010 Smartphone sales shows the Symbian operating system dominating market share: Smartphone OS share


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