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smartphone strategies for hotel and tourism operators

Hotel & Tourism Mobile Marketing Platform

smartphonetraveller website on is multi-part mobile marketing platform built with arcRes publishing. arcRes now publishes to mobile websites, mobile applications and mobile web directories and web services.

arcRes is integrated with the AXSES tourism marketing platform. Information is entered and managed once only and may be published to hundreds of sites including: hotel and travel brand websites, social media like Facebook, and 100s of affiliated and syndicated sites.

SmartphoneTraveller builds and manages mobile websites and publishes to Smartphone directories, applications and marketing services

Oiur mobile applications include direct travel shopping and bookings on Google Android Travel Shopping and Apple iPhone Travel Shopping. All applications deliver direct bookings to hotel and tourism suppliers.

For mobile web browsing arcRes published to, a global DotMobi directory which links directly to hotel and travel .mobi websites.

Travellers Prefer to Browse

Travellers who use Smartphones for travel prefer to use the Internet over apps, according to Compete(1). 4 out 5 choose to browse the web and only 1/5 use apps.

iPhone, Android and other Smartphone applications are great for extending services and creating new marketing channels. But your website is still your number one tool for getting your brand message to Smartphone users. Most websites, however, are very frustrating to use on Smartphones and need to be modified.

We recommend that hotels, tourism destinations and tourism operators (car companies and activities etc) adopt a 3-phased Smartphone travel marketing strategy.

To build a strong brand awareness and brand loyalty we suggest:

1. First: build your Website to Mobile standards - Free Smartphone website Trial - includes marketing package, directory listing, SEO, ICANN indexed with

2. Second: subscribe to appropriate direct marketing channels such as Google Shopping, Craigslist, (, and Smartphone Direct Travel Shopping applications (iPhone/Android). 100s of channels are included with arcRes Vacation Specials advertising, marketing & travel publishing systems.

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3. Third: extend your guest services and direct marketing with your own custom build, private label travel applications (like guest services, loyalty programs) and direct marketing websites.

Notes. 1. Only 1/5 of smartphonetravellers use apps.
Compete 2010 comments on Smartphone Intelligence Survey study

a smartphone hotel and tourism marketing plan

Recommended Travel Marketing Plan

1. First: extend your hotel and tourism website to Smartphone travellers.

The majority of tourists that use Smartphones for travel browse the net to search for options. Make sure you have a website that they can navigate easily, get the information they need and book.

A Smartphone website of your hotel or Tourism Brand is your most important marketing asset for mobile tourism marketing.


AXSES SmartphoneTraveller websites are automatically created with our arcRes publisher. You enter content and rates into the arcRes publishing system or let us do it for you. arcRes Smartphone websites will present your hotel/tourism brand and property information through a customised, mobile experience. Users can browse your travel deals and information, make reservations, book holidays, or save it to their own shopping list. Travellers can find things to do near your hotel and shop with your arcRes Bookings Partners.

about website re-design

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2. Second: market your website with leading Smartphone travel applications and Direct Webmarketing. AXSES SmartphoneTravel Specials is both an app and a website where you can quickly add your holiday packages and deals for travel shoppers. All bookings are Direct to you and travel shoppers can visit your website at anytime. SmartphoneTravel Special are compatible with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and all Smartphone travel mobile marketing apps.

about SmarthoneTravelapps: Vacation Specials


3. Third: deploy your own SmartphoneTravelapps extending new services to your guest and prospective guests. SmartphoneTraveller's technology allows you to communicate directly with guests. The application will include your full website experience all in 1. This is a two-pronged strategy that allows travellers who want to browse to find your website and travellers who have downloaded your extra services app to have your website fully integrated with the new guest services of the app.

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mobile websites customised to your brand

SmartphoneTraveller private-label for your brand

SmartphoneTraveller is a private-label solution that presents your brand with all your own content and images. It is customised to your colours, logo, images, content, maps and local information. The arcRes published website may be several pages and can include rooms, rates, photo galleries, maps, facilities, amenities, shopping, real time quotes and booking services.

smartphone booking for hotels, car rental and tourism operators

Real-Time Smartphone Bookings

hotel and tourism booking on smartphone SmartphoneTravellers' website and apps allows guests to view rates in real-time, and safely and securely book, modify or cancel reservations from anywhere.

SmartphoneTraveller platform can be integrated with your arcRes inventory and content manager.

arcRes also provides direct mail and mobile marketing channels for your products, vacation specials, package promotions and holiday deals booked direct. No commission, no transaction fees. Subscription to whatever marketing, publishing and bookings services you prefer for your hotel and tourism websites and operation.


You control which offers, rates and rooms are made available


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mobile marketing and management

Dynamically Manage your Mobile Marketing

website custom branded SmartphoneTraveller allows you to update your property information anywhere, online with the arcRes admin tool.

Images, videos, text descriptions, rates, specials are updated seamlessly without the guest having to update their mobile application.

You can update your property information, access reports, look up guest profile and account history.

You'll be able to deliver relevant, targeted messages directly to guests via their Smartphones.

You may send messages to a VIP guest before they check in, thank guests for their visit, ask for reviews, and follow up on inquiries, sending messages to whereever they are.

>see AXSES Smartphone Travel Marketing App -
Smartphone Vacation Specials Marketing

All bookings are direct - links directly to your Smartphone pages-
No commissions - low subscription cost

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turnkey lets us do all the work - no setup - we look at yr site and do it all

Turn-Key Solution & Set-up

With SmartphoneTraveller, you can immediately be part of the fastest growing computing and communication market without having to create technology or manage it. SmartphoneTraveller is a part of arcRes technology platform offering a mobile experience for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and any Smartphone that can browse the web.

AXSES provides a low-cost turn-key service: Our travel team can set up the entire system for you and allow you to approve and publish on your own schedule.

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work with local tourism operators of your choice to offer full holiday packages and vacation special deals

Local activities marketing (booking-partners)

SmartphoneTraveller's mobile application provides the interactive maps and directions to help guests get to you and explore local area attractions: restaurants, museums, shopping, events, activities, tours and local travel. They can view details, map it and book it. SmartphoneTraveller allows you to incorporate and cross-sell with your local booking-partners. You control which booking-partners display in your guest's Smartphone mobile application/website.

arcRes Smartphone Publisher: Mobilize your Website, Bookings engine and Smartphone Travel Marketing
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