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Smartphone Bookings & Mobile Marketing:
Hotel Websites & Bookings Need Re-design

AXSES development/marketing/publishing.

Smartphone use expected to double in 2010

About 53% of people in the world own mobiles. Only 13% of people own Smartphone mobiles with services like 3G, Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS, on iPhone, Android and other services. This number is expected to almost double to around 24% by the end 2010. It it a market that is growing faster than any other sector and is expected to be a huge marketing force in the next few years.

Don't miss the boat!

If you don't have an app or a website optimised for Smartphone, you will miss the boat. Smartphones like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Palm can view many traditional websites, but they scrunch things up and most of the traditional sites just do not work well. Mobilise Hotel and Tourism Websites with arcRes Publisher.

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Why Traditional Hotel and Tourism Websites do not work
for Smartphones.

An 800-pixel width designed site can look OK on a Smartphone; a larger complex site is going to be impossible to navigate on a mobile device.

In one case, a BlackBerry user reports making 36 space bar clicks just to move through Travelocity’s regular home page.

This is where the smartphone app is handy. In an app, the experience is rethought and redesigned for the smartphone user.

But not everything has to be an app. A website can be redesigned so that it works well on Smartphones and mobiles.

Current research suggests that making your website Smart Ready is the best strategy.

According to a recent study by Eye: Smart Travel Shoppers in the EU browse the Net with their Smartphone 3 times more that they use an app. see our blog for details

Having an effective website, where you rooms can be booked on a Smartphone, should be a priority for Hotels and Tourism Operators.


Rapid deployment of smart websites is a major part of the AXSES Smartphone Marketing strategy. With easy-to-use tools, you can load your hotel and tourism content into the arcRes Publishing System. arcRes then generates your Smartphone Website and creates your Smartphone Booking Engine.

arcRes International Marketing and Publishing Network provides many marketing opportunities. These include promotion of your vacation specials on AXSES smartphone apps and affiliate travel portals, loading your content and bookings into your Facebook page and representation in our affiliate marketing network.

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Example of a website bookings form that does not work on smartphones. video-why-you-need-a-mobile-websites.cfm

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smartphone bookings

Smartphone Mobile Bookings Made to Measure!

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Smartphone -Bookings Engine

AXSES arcRes can publish your Smartphone Website and Booking Engine just as it does for Facebook. Smartphone marketing is an arcRes feature which is low-cost and easy to setup.

AXSES also provides a full turn-key solution that will set up your rates and content - create your advertising message and publish your smartphone website.

arcRes creates your website as standard web format acceptable to Smartphones. That means there is no need to build several applications for different mobile devices. Websites for Hotels and Tourism Suppliers can be viewed on iPhones, Androids, BlackBerry, Windows and all Smartphones with standard web browsing.


For clients already on arcRes, getting onto Smartphone is just a few clicks away. Hotels and tourism operators not already on acrRes may sign up to get Smartphone Mobile. We are recommending our 90-day Specials Promo as the easiest and least expensive way to test and learn how arcRes helps Hotel and Tourism Marketers.

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For those Hotels and Tourism Suppliers with a booking engine, arcRes will step through a setup and publish the Smartphone Website and your Vacation Specials and Promotions to our International Marketing Network.

arcRes Smartphone Publisher: Mobilize your Website, Bookings engine and Smartphone Travel Marketing
smartphone bookings


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