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Smartphone Bookings / Marketing: Websites Vs. Apps?

Who is using apps?
how mobile travellrers use smartphonesWhat travelers do with their iPhones, Androids & BlackBerry Smartphones

Their are more and more travel apps coming along but the truth, as we noted in our marketing strategies, is that only 1/5 of travelers have downloaded an app. SmartphoneTravellers use the web (1). Why - because the web has the most current and most complete information.

It will take decades for all the travel website content to end up as apps for every mobile phone. This is a giant step backward as we already have a standard format for promoting brands with standard web browsers.

See video on why hotels and tourism operators need smart websites

Will apps ever take over from websites.

It just not make any sense at all. Why move away from a universal open standard to a system where one must creative an entirely new rendition of that data for every mobile device or operating system. It is ludicrous waste of resources and one that will unnecessarily stress on the tourism industry if it has too play by those rules.Luckily the rules don't apply.

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That way everyone will get to see it, well everyone except iPhone users who cant see flash etc. But a website redeployment is much easier than building an app and their are all sort of tools available and coming on market to render your website and its applications, booking engines and calendars for an array of mobiles and Smartphones

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What does the future hold

Necessity is the mother of invention. We are at a crossroads in bridging the huge investment in web development and information archives with the new mobile market. Its just not realistic to expect every small hotel and tourism operator to manage the conversion.

We see 3 avenues for this migration and have layed out a marketing strategy for hotels and tourism generally in our smartphone marketing strategies>>>

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i. 20% approx. of travelers donloadded an app. Their are 2 sources on this. The lastest is the chart above from HSMAI Sept 1 2010. Simialr result were found in the earlier SmartPhone Intellegence study by Compete. The later is refered to in several of our blog pages. Keep up to date with latest SmartPhone reserach at

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