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Use arcRes to Publish your products, specials and packages to Google Shopping, Craigslist VacationSpecialDeals,,, and 100s of RSS syndicated sites.

If you have our SmartphoneTraveller website, you will also be advertised in our Mobile channels and application, with direct links to your Smartphone website and booking engine.

Marketing/Advertising Channels Included

  • Google Shopping
  • Craigslist
  •,, BarbadosVacationSpecials,,,, etc
  • Adventure-Travel-Destination & Adventure Holidays (i)
  • Romantic-Holiday-Destinations (ii)
  • iPhone and Smartphones Travel Shopping Applications
  • arcAds distribution & publishing network (ezine and Web 2.0 properties where we place tourism advertisements)
  • Syndicated to ezines and article sites like
  • AXSES Affiliate network of sites like RealHolidays, CaribbeanHopping, TravelAgentRes and others where advertisers may be featured on a random basis.
  • 100s of independent travel sites using arcRes syndicated news and RSS Feeds

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  • Free trial of arcRes winning tourism marketing strategies - Create your Special ads and promotion in no time. We distribute them to hundreds of sites including Smartphones, Google shopping, Social Media, Facebook and travel shopping portals.

  • Free Distribution on Travel Marketing Channels - Promote your Special Deal on hundreds of sites. We provide easy- to-use instructions which will allow you to create a Special Deal for direct bookings of your Hotel Room or Package.

  • Free Promo on Smartphones - If you also subscribe to arcRes Smartphone/Mobile Publisher, your special will be displayed on Android Smartphones and on our Mobile Marketing channel.

  • Free Advertising - Your Special will be featured on Google shopping, Facebook and several hundred travel sites, including social marketing sites.

  • Internet Marketing E-Zine! - You will also receive valuable Marketing information by e-mail, helping you get the most out of your Travel Marketing (optional).

  • The 12-Page Travel Shopping Report - Designed as a primer to give you a background understanding of the way travellers are shopping and booking. The Travel Shopping Report also outlines trends in Direct Hotel Marketing and Hotel Branding.

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  • Travel Directory Listings
  • Article Marketing
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