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Video Blogging & Social Media Marketing
with TravelersInsights Magazine

For a full video blogging service, we will do everything from photography/video to creating the blogs and marketing it. To be most effective, the video blogging is done in conjuction with a full media Internet promotion, including offline and online printed magazine, blogs and and online TV. Our own magazine,, is a strategic part of the multipoint campaign.

We work with an established team of video bloogers and article bloggers to rapidly create a professional foootprint on the Internet so that your site will be found.

Direct mail and call systems
We work with the best lead capture, direct mail and call systems to provide international 800 numbers and services that respond to interest, sending out brochures, online flyers, coupons, promos, emails and text messages at the erliest stages of travel planning. Our work is coordinated with your own booking technology and can be incremented with our own travel technology to enhance your social media. Our Travel Content Management System can publish your Specials, Packages, Deals and Coupons to 100s of sites.

The Campaign
Marketing your videos can include creating press releases, articles, magazines, blogs and podcasts while publishing videos to YouTube and a host of TV and Video Websites.
All the collateral is posted to Web 2.0 sites, bookmarks, article sites and directories. The entire blog campaign is coordinated with our social media fusion. A typical campaign will publish a video to 100 or more bookmark and Web2.0 articles/indexes as well as all major video sites like YouTube. The call to action can be to any site, page or promo, reinforced by a network of Internet links and articles.

Video Tutorials, How to's, Marketing Strategies and Case studies in Social Media For Travel

1. Videos in Social Marketing |
First in the Series on "How to Use Social Media To Market Travel and Tourism". This Video focuses on an approach to Video Blogging which is quick and easy to deploy and publish using our marketing tools and processes.

Outline of What to Expect
Integrating Travel with Social Marketing Tools and Techniques | How to do Article Marketing for Travel & Tourism | How to use Bookmarks for Tourism | Pods and Blogs | How & What to Share on Social Sites and Fan Pages |Why "likes" are important and how to get Fans to like your Pages |Advertising Hotels and Tourism on Facebook & Google | How & What to Tweet to Travellers | What You Need to Know About LinkedIn | Optimising YouTube To Get bookings | How to Develope a Mobile Strategy for Travel | Automating Social Travel | Running Promotional Campaingns in Travel; Coupons, Sweepstakes | Publishing your Travel Specials & Deals with RSS Feeds | Your Social Index

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Example - Dominica Blogging.

This is a small low-budget campaign that included several videos, some were widely distributed to approximately 20 main video sites. A series of articles were prepared and published in Ezines, Hubpages, blogs, Web 2.0 properites and Dominica Facebook pages, Twitter, and Dominica websites. The magazine was cretaed and it was placed on several magazine and document websites, each with their own followings.

At this stage, we did not do mass article distribution and we did not submit to multiple directories. The technolgy we have today was not available and we were reluctant to create mass duplication of articles which would be counted as spam. We now have a newtork of writers and tools that offer reliable article creation and unique article writing that we can use.

Here are some hightlights of the campaign:

Implementation Details

1. Lead capture mini-site, blog and mobile
We wil set up a special purpose mini-site, which is central to our marketing. This follows a detailed planning and keyword research stage. This site becomes the lead capure and feeder site to your traditional website. It is integrated with the blog and is available in mobile-optimised format. Leads from the site are responded to by SMS, emails (via strategic auto-responders) and voice messaging. There is an optional 800 number which can divert to any telelphone you designate.

3. Wordpress Blog
The blog will increase search engine relevancy for the work that we do. People are comfortable visiting blogs and other social media because they know these channels are not typically sales environments and they will not be pressed to buy something. This allows us to establish and build relationships with them that lead to "word of mouth" referrals and, ultimately, sales. The blog and the site become an authority sit, and is worded accordingly.

We will write and post three blog articles, complete with strategic keywords to help them get found in search engines. Each of the articles will link to your mini-Website, adding further relevancy to it. We will also post the YouTube videos produced in item 3 to the blog.

3. YouTube Channel
YouTube has become an intersection of online video marketing, social media and search engine visibility. We will set up a YouTube Channel and will add short videos, designed to increase visibility, drive traffic and start to establish a credible authority on your subject matter area.

4. Facebook Page
Your Facebook page is an essential part of your social media presence. Facebook has more users that most countries have people. The only countries that have larger populations that Facebook users are China and India. Its fastest growing demographic is women aged 35-64. These are the very people who most influence travel planning and decision making.

5. Twitter
Your Twitter Feed can have a huge impact on your social authority score, building your followers and allowing you to instantly communicate your promos and deals. It can generate leads and customers. Also, Twitter enjoys over 24,000,000,000 searches per month-more than Yahoo! and Bing combined.

We will set up your Twitter account, add members and attract followers. During the first month, we will tweet each day on your behalf and continue to build your group of followers. Ongoing management of your Twitter Feed and campaigns to add more followers is also available.

6. LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn is a powerful channel for creating social authority and driving traffic and leads, especially through referrals from other businesses that serve similar markets as yours or offer complementary products/services.

We will set up your LinkedIn Profile and manage it for the first month. We will establish connections with other key LinkedIn members, post messages 3 times per week which will begin to generate leads and referrals.

7. Automated Text Message Follow-Up Campaign
In addition to the automated email follow up-campaign we set up for you in conjunction with your mini-Website, we will also set up an automated text message follow up campaign for your business, designed to appeal to mobile phone-using prospects. We will develop the offer, write the text messages for the follow-up campaign and set up the automatic system. We will also integrate the system with other channels, like your Twitter feed, where appropriate.

8. Video and Article Burst Campaigns
Once we have established your presence through your mini-Website, YouTube Channel, directories, blog, Facebook page, Twitter Feed and LinkedIn Profile, it is very effective to create occasional bursts of content and activity to increase visibility and drive traffic. We do this though online video and article campaigns-specifically called Gold and Premium campaigns. These campaigns rely on a content strategy that emphasizes Q & A format videos that align with terms and solutions that your prospective customers search for online.

We create ten videos and articles and distribute them to scores of video hosting sites and article sites to drive traffic back to the lead capture mechanism we have built in your mini-Website. The videos will also include thank you videos, offer videos and "about us" videos, which include an introductory offer from your company. These can kick start an online marketing program and regenerate awareness and interest in your company and your products/services.

In this integrated blogging, we will also establish article directory and video accounts. These accounts are necessary for submitting the campaigns we are creating and for generating organic search engine results.

We also coordinate your entire campaign with your social media accounts, posting links to each video and article on your Facebook page, sending tweets with similar links for each video and article, posting them on your WordPress blog and sending messages through your LinkedIn profile. All social media links to your campaign videos will go to the videos on your YouTube Channel so as to increase the authority of that channel.

9. Managed Pay-Per-Click Search Engine
Sponsored Ads. Another way to drive traffic and increase visibility in the search engines is through paid advertising in the search engines-mainly Google, but also Yahoo! and Bing. This is a complementary strategy that also legitimizes your company when positioned together with organic results in the search engines. We do the work for you-identify keywords and craft the sponsored ads that drive traffic to your mini-Website.

There are three monthly dollar levels or you can specify a different monthly amount you wish us to spend and manage on your behalf. NOTE: A 25% management fee is built into the monthly amount.

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