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BookingsFranchise Destination Marketing

Technology to build, manage and market powerful e-commerce destination portals
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BookingsFranchise is designed for destination portals, tourism associations
and their members/clients. It drives Direct business, Increasing Brand awareness and profitability.

BookingsFranchise is a comprehensive marketing solution, combining leading technology
with AXSES proprietary techniques and strategic channels to market the unique selling points
of the destination. Combining a propriety system for Theme Marketing: BookingsFranchise will
position you on the search engines (SEO) for your Unique Selling Points.

Strategic Marketing Channels and Interactive Media

Members Directory Listings
. By name, type, size, location, facilities, rates


SEO Templates: Indexes, themes, classification of members, history, general interest, specific features, target markets, special interests and holiday options. Search Engine Optimised (SEO).

see theme marketing

Advanced Search: Find & compare properties matching travelers specific criteria


Quotes/Bookings/request and Reservations: Allows users to get quotes, reserve, request info and book direct with a property .


Dynamic packaging & specials: Optionally add dynamic packaging, specials and promotions to marketing channels.


Add-on Modules: Optionally add components and modules like integrated events calendar where members can add their own events to the national calendar


A complete travel platform.

The franchisee will have a powerful marketing portal using proprietary systems
and a proven solution for destination marketing, including our own systems for theme marketing and Search engine optimisation:

The platform includes a full suite of business tools, including; custom pricing,
quoting, invoicing, customer relations and sales systems.
It allows the Franchisee to operate a leading marketing portal and
supply integrated services and applications to members.

The Destination Portal can be configured with the widest choice and
mix of merchant models including: Subscription, Distribution, GDS,
Private Agent Networks, Merchant Partners, Call Centers,
Direct Sales and Global Distribution are supported simultaneously.


Destination channels accommodate multiple rate plans, and the individual family plans,
business rules, terms and conditions of members. It provides comprehensive options

for inventory, allocation, payment, specials, packaging and channel management.


Integrated travel applications for members

BookingsFranchise applications give members the tools to provide
a superior service, improve efficiency and enhance distribution.




         groups and multiple Rate Plans

         global distribution, GDS, IDS

         channel management

         content management, dynamic content

         rss feeds and content distribution

         affiliate marketing (travel agents)

         integrated property management

         integrated accounting systems

         guest books

         photo galleries

         activity calendars

         mailing lists

         direct mail systems

         dynamic packaging

         dynamic specials

         rates and availability calendars


All components are easily integrated without the need for third-party applications.


Supplier centered service with excellent revenue potential

BookingsFranchise | Theme Marketing SEO | Options | Network & examples| Advantages | Blog | Manual

With Bookings Franchise destination marketers help their members succeed
by offering integrated services at reasonable cost. BookingsFranchise
client services are sustainable generating revenue and profits for the Franchisee.

Franchisees can have a fully managed solution (turn-key) for marketing the destination
and for upgrading members technology, expertise and marketing,
receiving a steady revenue with minimum effort.


The BookingsFranchise is available in 3 options

In Option 1 - Total Turn Key Service:
Axses provides a turn key solution, and is responsible for all sales,
marketing and administration, the solution is similar to,
where we market and manage the portal and share revenue with the franchisee.

In Option 2 You Own/Run it:
You own the URL and take over administration, this is similar to,
where you own the name and receive all revenue from it.

In Option 3 Customised:
Axses develops a customized solution where the e-commerce tools and bookings
are embedded in your website as in



Network examples and applications

BookingsFranchise | Theme Marketing SEO | Options | Network & examples| Advantages | Blog | Manual


Multiple pages of SEO optimized content. Full dynamic content, rates and property information maintained by suppliers using ArcRes online tools.

Custom solution owned by the Intimate hotels of Barbados. Fully dynamic site powered by arcRes, maintained withy arcRes admin tools

Dynamic Packaging site that matches travelers to properties based on expert systems tracking clients interests. Will link to qualified BookingsFranchise sites

arcRes power site allows travelers to select islands based on mood classifaction. Will link to qualified BookingsFranchise sites


Barbados bookings Site providing services to

Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia.
AXSES Travel Platform

GDS driven content being replaced with BookingsFranchise Operators content

caribbean directory linking to qualified BookingsFranchise websites

affiliate marketing integrated
with arcRes powered sites

encyclopedia of diving, linking to qualified BookingsFranchise sites

Other Caribbean Marketing



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