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BookingsFranchise Advantages and Features
Technology to build, manage and market powerful e-commerce destination portals
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Affordable Branded Channels for Direct bookings, by your Rules
at no Risk. A proven and highly effective formula, tested over many years

(Distribution optional) NO commissions, NO net rates, NO discounts!
Designed for Tourism Organizations and affiliated marketing. see examples & network

First of a kind marketing solution for destination associations and portals.
BookingsFranchise is the only turn-key marketing platform for destination marketing,
offering multiple revenue streams (subscription, distribution, representation; simultaneously)
and the tolls to operate a member focused marketing network.

The BookingsFranchise solution provides marketing, technology and know-how to

  • market member properties and enhance their Brands
  • provide advanced guest service, online quotes and bookings
  • manage global distribution and niche channels
  • generate high revenue direct sales
  • manage member services

1. Built to advance your Brand marketing
YOUR destination, YOUR your URL, YOUR clients, by your rules.
  • Direct Marketing
    YOU own the database of all those who look as well as the those that book
    (90% lookers to bookers you normally never see with other systems)
  • SEO formatted
    BookingsFranchsie websites are designed for search Engine marketing.
    Tages, links images and files are ready for optimal positing when configured and marketed.
  • GDS integration optional

    2. Built to optimise your USP (Unique Selling Points)
    We deliver a platform to which you can reasily add marketing channels.
    We build channels for strategic search engine phrases and keywords for your destination.

    4. By Your Rules
    Tailored to Your clients terms and rules
    (like seasons, terms, deposits, cancellations, child ages, weekend, rates etc)

    5. Flexible inventory & bookings options
    Allocation, Free-sell, blocks, request only
    on-line bookings, quotes, reservation, request
    on-line payment, online/offline credit card processing, cash/check/wire.
    Config. to payment gateway incl. CariCard

    6. No limits to size of property, rate, book-ability
    list all your clients regardless of their size etc.

    7. Powerful Channel Management
    arcRes management tools can be expanded into a full channel management system.
    It may be integrated with GDS and the thousands of GDS fed Internet Sites.
    Offer your clients control of their arcRes powered channels as well as Global Distribution.

    8. Multiple business models
    Distribution (merchant (tour ops, IDS) / Agent / Rep) or
    Direct to suppliers (subscription / advertisement / free) or
    Combinations in Multiple channels
    All Easily managed with arcRes online admin tools

    For comparison with tour Operator System see. AXSES BLOG: Need for BookingsFranchise
    Detailed User Overview see BookingsFranchise-manual.pdf


    Feature for feature the most affordable franchise of its kind!

    From $ 6000US set up and training plus $6000 US annually hosting and software license.
    Includes: advanced search engine
    , cost compare, quotes, basic themes,
    links and booking options.

    Additional options include; advanced themes, extensive directory listings,
    specials, packages, group rate plans, channel management, GDS & SEO.

    We also offer turn key installation and management.
    Please contact us for a personal quotation.

    Contact Us for more info

    BookingsFranchise | Marketing | Examples | Advanatages | Blog | Manual

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