arcRes GDS/IDS Channel Management (Managing Distribution prices).

arcRes channel manager:

You may use the Group system to create and store prices for all your distribution partners (Expedia, Travelocity etc).

The % option (discount and markup) quickly creates a new group based on rack or net-net costs.
For more complex rates you may setup an entirely new set of seasons and rates for each unit.

We will work with any partner so that rates in arcRes Bookings-Expert can be written directly to their database (using XML)

Costs on this will vary with each distribution partner.

The advantage is that you need only use one system and maintain one set of rates for all partners.

This is a considerably saving of time for resorts with several distribution partners.

Many Internet distributors and agents now require that resorts maintain their own rates.


Get Connected - Get Listed - Get Exposed - Get Booked - Get arcRes GDS
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Turn on the Full power of the Net: 40,000 portals (Travelocity, Expedia, etc) 480,000 travel agents and all GDS and premium destination marketing. Manged with arcRes admin system.

Coodinate room rates and availability acrross multiple channels
and massive GDS distribution with

More Distribution = More Exposure= More Direct Sales
Exposure on GDS results in more direct sales. Its a well established fact that being on a GDS will increase your direct sales. Travelers and Travel agents look at IDS and GDS listings to find options, which they often contact directly. Be on the GDS to be seen, establish your brand and get direct bookings.

GDS bookings expected to add 10-25% to your revenue
Reach hundreds of thousands of travel agents and sites and ten of thousands of GDS/IDS partner sites. We will evaluate your business and calculate expected revenue with our own special build GDS revenue calculator

arcRes Smart Systems saves time & gives expert advice
Our GDS system provide you with the most effective setup in the industry. arcRes users simply transfer content to the GDS with a few clicks. We have build editors that check your input to avoid costly errors. We work with you to make sure your content will be Travel Agent friendly and give high impact and more sales. Our GDS Signup is a smart system that automatically builds your GDS contract, switch letter and data, eliminating fax and paperwork completely. more >>> GDS Integration

Distributing Content & Channel Management made easy
With the explosion of Internet Intermediaries, it is increasingly difficult to manage distribution (with so many complex online resources). arcRes, with its GDS connectivity and niche channels, substantially simplifies this process, increases your market exposure and offers control over multiple rates plans in multiple channels. | Marketing Options Download PDF

* Marketing Exposure on GDS = More Direct sales!
GDS and IDS claim that 70% of travelers use the channel to find resorts
and then book direct. With the growing trend for resorts to offer
best-rate guarantee, direct bookings is expected to continue.
more GDS Direct >>>

See GDS Advantage

GDS Costs US $

One Time Fees


Implementation Fee



Monthly Fees


Monthly Maintenance fee

$50.00 per month per property


Reservation Fees


Reservations booked through the GDS and the Alternative Distribution Sites referred to as the ODD (third party internet sites)

$7.00 per reservation


GDS and ODD pass Through Fees



$5.95 per reservation

TravelPort (Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan)

$5.95 per reservation


$8.00 per reservation


$5.75 per reservation


Optional Services


Third Party Merchant Fees



$5.00 per reservation

$5.00 per reservation


$5.00 per reservation


$5.00 per reservation plus a GDS pass through fee of $5.75


$5.00 per reservation plus a GDS pass through fee of $5.95


$5.00 per reservation plus a GDS pass through fee of $3.50


$5.00 per reservation plus a GDS pass through fee of $5.75

Additional Services


Voice Service (generic)

$0.99/per minutes and $5.00/per reservation

Commission processing

$15.00 a month regardless of the number of transactions for delivery of the reservation file to the Commission Processing company

Installation assist with arcRes



arcRes Jump Start
use arcRes information and online setup



ArcRes assist (i)
our consultant  will work though setup with you online   



i. Installation assist process:
1. Sign GDS Partner contract
2. Pay GDS Partner Invoice
3. Review GDS setup requirement
4. Do GDS arcRes assisted setup with our consultant
Once all invoices are payed, set is processed and released to GDS system.


ArcRes Options



arcRes GDS sales integration
Include GDS sales in arcRes Transaction Report



arcRes content integration
Uploaded changes to GDS



arcRes PMS integration



Subject to change without notice

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