(Additional Charges may apply)

(suitable for generally available rates not requiring control and verification)

1. Packages and Specials: You may use Group rates to price packages and specials. Packages and Specials may be implemented on your site and on arcRes portals.

2. Distribution Partners: You may put net rates for distribution partners in arcRes. Your arcRes administrator will provide you with the URL to be given to your partners.

(Suitable for controlled rates)

3. Loyalty programs: All clients who request, reserve or book on-line with arcRes are entered into your arcRes client database. Your arcRes administrator will activate the loyalty admin system to allow you to assign groups and individual passwords to each client. Once activated the client may login to obtain the group rate you have assigned.

4. Travel Agents. Any agent registered with http://TravelAgentsRes.com may login to your arcRes agents page (standard groups apply to all). You may purchase the TravelAgentsRes database and assign different rates to agents as you wish.

5. Affinity programs: Any association, interest group, government, region or business entity may be assigned a group rate. You need to establish a registration system for these group members. This requires setting up a database and administering group privilege. Please call your arcRes administrator for pricing details.

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