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Affiliate Loyalty and Group Marketing

arcRes allows you to create any number of Group Plans, discount options, specials and packages.

These GROUP Plans for channels or for repeat guests, affiliated travel agents and particular
target markets
or advertising campaigns firemen etc.

Travel Agents Affiliate Marketing: Many hotel chains now allow registered travel agent enter an IATA
number of their own special pass number to receive agent pricing on the website and commissions

The AXSES Internet database of Caribbean Specialists is an example of affiliate marketing.

Travelers find and agent using this Internet resort, they may then visit the agent website where they will find links to
hotels and sites with affiliate tracking. an example is the link to Hotels Search Engine.

In this example (above) agent Besty of BA Travel is displayed (linked with agentid=201).
Bookings are then credited to the agent 201.

Similarly agents and their clients can link travelers directly to your hotel.

TravelAgentsRes provides online resources telling agents how to set up the links and lists of participating hotels: